HardwoodStairTreads.com is the stair parts division of Blackford and Sons Woodworking. Blackford & Sons Woodworking is a family owned and operated business located in the mountains of Tennessee’s beautiful Cumberland Plateau. Our manufacturing facility is managed and operated by Scott Blackford and three of his sons. We manufacture various millwork products including; trim, moulding, wide plank flooring, and associated components.

Quality & Service - Our Passion

Here at Blackford and Sons we are committed to two things; providing the highest quality products at the best prices possible, and providing unmatched personal service to our clients.

We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our products, maintaining the utmost quality control throughout the production process. Our production process begins with the trees, which we timber, saw into lumber and kiln-dry for final milling. Through our “tree-to-product” manufacturing system, we are able to oversee every process directly, enabling us to maintain the highest level of quality possible.

We believe that our success not only depends on superior products, but also the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. For this reason we strive to achieve an unmatched level of personal service and support for all of our clients. With Blackford & Sons, you can rest assured that we will maintain your satisfaction from start to finish.

Scott Blackford with His Six Sons & Grandson

Pictured Left-to-Right: Abraham, Nathan, Lukus (with son Reilley), Scott (standing), Gabriel, Scotty, and Kaleb.

Company Blog

Please feel free to visit our company blog at www.HomeMillwork.com. Topics include custom home building and contracting, trim and moulding projects, plank floor projects, customer tstimonials, green living, wood flooring tips, and the personal experiences of our family team.

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Interior Millwork - Custom Trim, Moulding, and Interiror Doors.

Wide Plank Flooring - Hardwood, Reclaimed, and Handcrafted Flooring.

For any further assistance, or prices on custom Stair Treads please call us at 1-866-258-9068 or use our contact form.
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